BTS Jungkook’s Fan’s Reactions to His Performance At Qatar

BTS Jungkook in FIFA WORLD CUO 2022

BTS Jungkook’s Fan’reactions to the performance in FIFA World Cup on 20 November 2022 at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor are mixed. Qatar had prepared much to make this Opening Ceremony memorable. FIFA fans are excited about it. Now the latest news has been updated on the BTS official account that Jungkook is going to perform at the FIFA Opening Ceremony

As we all know that 7 BTS members are now not together. It is tweeted on BTS’s Twitter ” Proud to announce that JungKook is part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Soundtrack & will perform at the World Cup opening ceremony. Stay tuned! ” So Jangkook will perform on stage and worldwide BTS’s fans are excited to see at least one member of this group Some will enjoy a live performance in Qatar and some can watch the live performances at their home For more details about channels and package you can read the post where all the details are mentioned related to it.

But Fans have given their mixed reactions to this latest update. They are polarised into two groups almost equally regarding the notion of different media platforms and whether Jungkook should perform or not.

BTS Jungkook in FIFA WORLD CUO 2022

What is Jangkook’s fans’ reaction towards this update?

According to the comments on different social media platforms, it is observed that this is a proud moment for many Jungkook fans. They are saying that he is going to be the voice of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Even after this update, many followers have given a new name to Jungkook which is FIFAkook.

After updating this news on Twitter many fans tweeted that they are looking forward to the soundtrack and performance of Jungkook. He is just 25 years old and has a unique place among BTS boys. This talented boy is going to give an amazing performance. At this age, he’s doing all the stuff that is almost a dream for other people.

Excited lovers of the Army said that there are 4 official soundtracks for this world cup, and 3 of them have already been released. They are proud of Jungkook that he’s going to burn the stage. They are saying somewhat this news is conflicting but so happy for the opportunities JK is getting.

Jungkook fans are saying they are so proud of Jungkook because they always thought of him as special and sending wishes and praying for his best performance. Also, hoping that he goes and comes back safely. They are very concerned and say that Unfortunately, the world is not like Jungkook’s heart. Jungkook is such a superstar.

The fact he just entered the solo era and he already performing at the biggest worldwide event. Proud is just a very small word. He deserves so much and he will be supported.

It is also mentioned in the tweet that they are worried that Jungkook is taking part in this and probably going to promote it. Polítics and Music are 2 different things. While politics divides Music unites. You are entitled to your opinion but JK will always have Army support in whatever he does. If you have an issue instead of discrediting him take it to the Qatar authorities or do something about it.

Wheareas many fans are saying that they are very torn with these news. Nobody is talking or thinking about  all the harm that Qatar and FIFA are causing/have caused. They are literally  writing please think critical Army. Some have diffrent perspective and they are saying we are so gutted that JK is involved in this. It hurts. It actually goes against everything spoken about at the UN. 

However, some are happy with this young talent  but they wrote why this specific world cup, think about 15.000 dead workers, . It just doesn‘t match with BTS & Big Hit as a company. Some fans tweeted  about this announcement is just a new sign of disrespect to every workers who died because of the mistreatment during the making of this world cup and there's nothing to be happy about here unfortunately.

Many adult fan tweeted that they can not believe the majority of people are supporting this, calling others hypocrites, if they view this critical. They are  proud of JK for getting this opportunity in general. But they dont support it. We thought BTS stood for human rights? But apparently thats not the case this time

It is also said that it is quite embarrassing! Supporting the Qatar world cup, and everything bad that it stands for (abusing human rights, lots of people dying, etc) by performing there. Some artists are just too greedy for money instead of taking a political standpoint.

Many young fans has mentioned that we love our boys but, as they have always been supportive of the LGBTQ+ Community, we  are really disappointed that Jungkook is going to perform in a country that is well know for it's intolerance for LGBTQ+ & arrests & beats them as a matter of course

It's so sad for us this announce They are writing , I'm sorry Jung Kook. More than 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar since it won the right to host the World Cup 10 years ago,

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